About Us

Our Story

The Felt Store began as an idea for a small online company in 2008. Years later, we have surpassed our humble beginnings and grown tremendously within the world of online business. We are now a leading source of felt and felt products for home, industry and design, and continue to flourish by developing new products and collaborating with the creative industry. Drawing from over 50 years of felt experience from our manufacturer, we have the knowledge, the technology and the capability to provide you with the high quality products and services you need.

Products & Services

Felt has virtually endless uses and your imagination is the only limit as to what we can accomplish with it. Depending on your needs, our felt products are available in a wide range of thicknesses, fiber content, density, length and color. We also carry a growing line of felt footwear, felting materials, home living, apparel, accessories and designer collections. We do not offer custom cutting services, however one of our sister companies may be able to assist you further. Please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives for further details.

What is felt? (And why we love it!)

Felt is a versatile textile that can be made from the matting together of natural and/or synthetic fibers. Wool is a resilient sheep fiber commonly used in high-quality felt. It mats and grips easily and has water repelling as well as flame retardant qualities. Felt is recognized as one of the oldest fabrics known to man: some of its first findings date back to 700 B.C. where tribes in the Altai Mountains used it to make clothing, saddles and tents. Wool felt is still sought after today for its many advantages, including the ability to regulate temperatures when damp, maintain its shape under wear and tear, and provide excellent acoustics and insulation.

The Environment

At The Felt Store, we recognize the importance of sustainable development. Many of our felts are made of biodegradable materials including virgin wool or a mix of natural fibers. The wet or needle felting processes do not require the use of chemicals nor do they create toxic waste. Perfecting the art of felt making over time, our manufacturers have developed ways to reduce waste and recycle wool in the manufacturing process. As we continue to gain knowledge and experience in all aspects of our business, we will hold to our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.


The Felt Store is always looking to expand possibilities and encourages collaboration with emerging and established designers and artists. To find out about sponsorship opportunities visit our sponsorship guidelines, or contact us for further partnering inquires. The Felt Store is passionate about educating the public on the benefits of felt and has supported educational institutions such as The Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning as well as Virginia Tech’s School of Architecture and Design.

Useful Tips

Common Conversions
1inch = 25.4mm
1ft = 12in
1yd = 3ft 1m = 3.3ft

Standard Felt Roll Widths
Depending on the type of felt, we offer various roll widths:
Designer Felt – 72in, 70.9in and 63in
Craft Felt – 72in, 63in, 36in
Industrial Felt – 72in, 66in, 60in

The best way to clean felt is to spot clean using warm, soapy water or dry clean. Once the felt is cleaned, lay flat to dry to retain its natural shape. The felt is unfortunately not machine washable as the felting process will continue and may result in shrinking or warping.

One of the best things about felt is that it does not fray when cut. When cutting craft felts we suggest tracing a paper template and using a pair of sharp fabric scissors. When cutting thicker and denser Designer or Industrial felts we suggest using a sharp utility knife and scoring the felt along a sturdy ruler until through.