The Felt Store loves to collaborate with emerging and established designers, artists and educational institutions to share and grow the endless possibilities of felt. It is our hope to educate audiences on the environmental benefits, acoustic properties, and versatile nature of felt through creative endeavors.

We sponsor work that:

  • Is created by designers, artists, and educational institutions
  • Is happening in Canada and the United States
  • Is innovative
  • Educates and inspires the public about Felt
  • Encourages community engagement
  • Supports environmental initiatives

The Felt Store offers two types of Sponsorships:

  • Discounts: a percentage-based discount for requested felt materials.
  • Donations: the donation of finished products, materials, or remnant felt.

*Please note that sponsorships do not cover the cost of shipping.

Endorsement Agreement:

  • Sponsorship recipients will be asked to document their process via photography or video so that The Felt Store can share their exciting work with the felt community.
  • Sponsorship recipients will be asked to provide a brief written project rational along with documented imagery.
  • Work resulting from the sponsorship will be properly credited and showcased on various platforms ranging from The Felt Store website to social media.
  • Recognition of The Felt Store as a sponsor will be requested on appropriate promotional materials, including (but not limited to) brochures, banners, posters, articles, and websites.


  • Applicants are required to fill out our online Sponsorship form, which can be found here.
  • Applications will be processed by The Felt Store staff and reviewed based on project scope and working timeline. Applicants can expect to hear back with a decision within 1-2 weeks of submission.
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