Maple Syrup Filters

Sugaring Season
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Be prepared for sugaring season 2020 with our maple syrup products.
New Acrylic Craft Felt Value Pack

St. Patrick's Day

Includes six of our must have colors for St. Patrick's Day crafts, décor, and more!
Durable, Waterproof, Featuring Elastic Strap

Indoor Overshoes

Protect your floors from water and muddy footprints.
Wool Felt Replacement Boot Liners

The Comfort of Wool

Available in a Standard Boot (approx. 10” high) or Tall Boot (approx. 12” high).

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Blog Feature

SAE Industrial Felt 101: The Basics

SAE Industrial Felt - also known as technical felt and/or pressed felt - is manufactured by mixing, wet felting, fulling and drying, to produce a non-woven roll of fiber. Our Industrial Felt has a wide variety of char...

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Portable Sizes Available

Wool Ironing Mats

Make quilt piecing easy with The Felt Store’s Wool Ironing Mat. Wool is a flame resistant material and naturally absorbs heat and distributes it evenly. When ironing this results in a fabric that is being heated and pressed from both sides.

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How Felt is Made

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We chose to work with The Felt Store because of it's incredible variety of felt colors - it was the only place we could find that had everything we were looking for. Our experience was nothing but positive - great service and great quality.

The Pretty Life Girls

Our makers loved working with your felt and we can't wait for you to see the products shine on screen!

NBC Making It

I have been working with The Felt Store for years, and am continuously grateful for the consistently excellent quality of their product and the kind professionalism of their staff.

Ellen Bleiwas