Meet Our Felt Ambassadors

At The Felt Store, we take great joy in collaborating with exceptional felt and wool artists and makers. These creative minds take pride in connecting and crafting with others in the community while generously sharing their expertise through unique felt DIY tutorials. Our Felt Ambassadors are truly passionate about their craft and are driven to inspire others with their remarkable felt creations and the processes behind them.

Lorrie Everitt of Make & Merry Co.

Make & Merry Co. is led by Lorrie Everitt, a passionate Creative Director & Graphic Artist during the day and a devoted DIY & Craft Enthusiast in her spare time. Lorrie finds joy in working with various mediums, drawing inspiration from both traditional and contemporary crafting techniques and equipment.

As an advocate for environmental consciousness, she utilizes felt in her DIY home décor projects due to its natural qualities, pleasing texture, and ease of use.

"I think that Makers need to be more aware about the materials that we are using and how our choices will affect the environment and our planet. It’s not just about reusing and re-purposing materials, it’s also about taking into consideration how and where our supplies are produced and so much more."


Jill Bentham of The Felted Fawn

Meet Jill, the creative force behind The Felted Fawn. Her felting journey began in 2014 when she discovered a passion for crafting felt flowers. Over time, her experimentation expanded to various felt crafts, delighting her family and friends with her creations.

Initially focusing on felt pennants, she has since flourished creating a diverse array of handmade items such as garlands, mobiles, pin cushions, and flameless candle holders.

"I truly adore working with felt and The Felt Store has made it even more enjoyable for me - allowing me to easily find beautiful and high-quality vegan felt which aligns with my core values and business objectives."


Working Together Never 'Felt' Better

If you share our enthusiasm for felt artistry and would love to become a part of our close-knit felt family, we welcome you to apply.