DIY Felt Wildflower Two

Diy felt wildflower two bouquet

Hello fellow felt crafters,

Welcome back to day two of the five beginner felt flower series. This is Lorrie Everitt from Make and Merry Co and today we’re going to create the Wildflower Two! This flower is created using two colors from the Cactus Bloom Premium Wool Blend Craft Felt Sheet Value Pack  and you’ll also need some of these cute Mini Wool Felt Balls.

You will find the hand cutting template for the Wildflower Two at the end of this post.

Gather your supplies
  • Wildflower Two template
  • Premium Wool Blend Craft Felt
    • Vanilla (x1) 
    • Mint (x1)
    • Hunter green (x1)
  • Mini Wool Felt Balls
    • 5/8” (1.5cm)
    • Gold
  • Pan pastels or eye shadow
    • Yellow
    • Bright green
  • Floral wire
    • 16-gauge
    • 22-gauge
  • Dark green floral tape
  • Basic flower making tools
    Find my felt flower crafting recommendations in the Wildflower One tutorial
Felt wildflower two diy tutorial steps 1 to 4

Let’s make Wildflower Two

Step 1. Cut all felt pieces as per the template.

Step 2. Fold the centre length-wise and glue the edges together as shown.

Step 3. Snip along the folded edge to create the fringe.
Tip: Thinner snips will create a fuller floral centre.

Step 4. Pull on the uncut area of the felt gently to stretch and separate the loops.

Felt wildflower two diy tutorial steps 5 to 8

Step 5. Use an awl to poke a hole in the felt ball large enough to fit a 16-gauge floral wire.

Step 6. Insert the floral wire to the felt ball and glue in place.

Step 7. Add a line of glue to the bottom edge of the centre fringe.
Tip: Before adding glue to the centre fringe, make sure that the fringed felt will wrap completely around the felt ball. If not, stretch the felt a little more.

Step 8. Attach the centre fringe to the felt ball starting at the middle and work around until the two ends meet.

Felt wildflower two diy tutorial steps 9 to 12

Step 9. If there’s any overlap with the fringe centre – trim it so the ends match up.

Step 10. Push the fringe back and fan it out to finish.

Step 11. Cut a small slit in the centre bottom of four petals, as shown, to create two flaps. Note: Do not cut slits in the remaining six petals.

Step 12. Twist and stretch all ten petals to create a more realistic look.

Felt wildflower two diy tutorial steps 13 to 16

Step 13. Let’s give the four middle petals a little more shape. Start by adding a small dab of glue on one of the flaps that was created in step 11.

Step 14. Cross the two flaps and hold in place to form a curved petal.

Step 15. Color the bottom and centre of the four curved petals using yellow pan pastels or eye shadow and a sponge applicator. Add color starting at the bottom and smuggle it so that it softly covers the middle of each petal.
Tip: Do not add color to the six remaining petals.

Step 16. Let’s add the first layer of four curved petals to the floral centre. Place a dab of glue on the bottom of each petal and position them to cover the back of the floral centre.

Felt wildflower two diy tutorial steps 17 to 20

Step 17. This is how the petal will look from the front.
Tip: If you feel like you didn’t add enough yellow color to the petals, you can add a little more color now.

Step 18. Continue to glue the remaining curved petals to the back of the flower centre so they are evenly spaced.

Step 19. This is how the flower should look now.

Step 20. Create the next layer of the flower by adding the remaining six petals. Start by positioning the first petal so it overlaps two of the petals in the first layer.

Felt wildflower two diy tutorial steps 21 to 24

Step 21. Slightly overlap the remaining petals on the back so they are evenly spaced and glue in place.

Step 22. Create a hole in the middle of the calyx using an awl.

Step 23. Insert the floral wire into the hole of the calyx. Glue the calyx to the base of the flower.

Step 24. Glue the middle of the leafy sections of the calyx to the floral petals to finish.

Felt wildflower two diy tutorial steps 25 to 28

Step 25. Add a thick line of glue to middle bottom third a felt leaf. Place a 4” piece of 22-gauge floral wire in the hot glue.

Step 26. Fold and pinch the felt to cover the wire. Repeat with the other leaf.

Step 27. Trim the bottom felt of the leaves on an angle, as shown, once the glue has completely dried.

Step 28. Use floral tape to wrap the wire of each of the leaves.

Felt wildflower two diy tutorial steps 29 to 32

Step 29. Use floral tape to wrap the floral stem. Start at the base of the calyx and add the small leaf about 5” down the stem.

Step 30. Continue wrapping the floral stem and add the large leaf after about 5 or 6”.

Step 31. And our Wildflower Two is complete.

Step 32. If you want to make sure that your petals to hold their curvy shape, spray them with extra firm hair spray on both the front and back and allow to dry.

Felt wildflower two template

Download the Wildflower Two hand cutting template here.

Stay tuned for the third post in this series – Lavender Stems.

Just in case you missed the previous post in the series, you can find the Wildflower One post here.

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