DIY Felt Lavender Stems

Welcome back to day three of the five-beginner felt flower series.

This is Lorrie Everitt from Make and Merry Co and we’re half way to creating all of the flowers that you are going to need to make a floral bouquet. Today we’re going to create the Lavender Stems! This flower is created using two colors from the Cactus Bloom Premium Wool Blend Craft Felt Sheet Value Pack.

You will find the hand cutting template for the Lavender Stems at the end of this post.

Gather your supplies

  • Lavender Stems template
  • Premium Wool Blend Craft Felt
    • Purple (x1) 
    • Hunter green (x1)
  • Floral wire
    • 16-gauge
    • 22-gauge
  • Dark green floral tape
  • Basic flower making tools
    Find my felt flower crafting recommendations in the Wildflower One tutorial

Let’s make the Lavender Stem

Step 1. Cut all felt pieces as per the template.
Note: Save time cutting the foliage by using 7mm scissors to create the scallop edge.

Step 2. Snip between the scallop valleys on the foliage to create tiny leaves.

Step 3. Fold the floral fringe rectangle and glue the edges together as shown.

Step 4. Snip along the folded edge to create the fringe.
Tip: Thinner snips will create a fuller floral centre.

Step 5. Glue the floral wire to one end of the floral fringe.

Step 6. Gently wrap the floral fringe around the wire stem on an angle. Glue the felt in place as you move down the wire stem.

Step 7. Add some shape to the foliage by gently stretching the felt just below the cut fringe. This will add more spacing between the tiny leaves.

Step 8. Overlap the long tab on the foliage to the floral fringe and glue in place.

Step 9. Slowly wrap the foliage on an angle down the floral wire and glue in place as you go.

Step 10. Use floral tape to cover the floral wire.

Step 11. Group several Lavender Stems to create a lavender bunch using floral tape.
Tip: Stagger the heights of the Lavender Stems in the bunch so they look more realistic.

Step 12. And our Lavender Stems are now complete.

Download the Lavender Stems hand cutting template here.

Stay tuned for the fourth post in this series – Floral Bud and Leafy Stems.

And in case you missed the first two posts in the series, you can find the Wildflower One here and Wildflower Two here.

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