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Craft Room
  • Find a cute dish and super glue a few magnets to the bottom of it to create a magnetic dish that allows you to easily collect pins!
  • Make rolls of felt easier to store by wrapping them around cut pieces of a cereal box. You can then sit them up in a drawer and sort through them easily.
  • Need an ironing mat larger than 17" x 24"? Our F-7 SAE Industrial Felt is a great alternative! Just cut it down to size and you're all set.
  • Make your wooden crates POP by adding felt. Better yet, adhere different colors of felt onto thick card stock, making it easy to swap out colors

Craft Supplies and Materials

  • Pull a string or thread of burlap all the way out until you are left with a channel that you can cut straight through to make an even cut.

  • Store glue sticks in the freezer to prevent stringy application.
  • Get rid of hot glue strings by simply grabbing your hair dryer and blasting your craft for a few seconds.
  • Sharpen your scissors easily by cutting through sandpaper several times.
  • Shears have long blades that can easily cut fabric and multiple layers. Scissors have smaller blades that are good for light cutting tasks, such as cutting paper.
  • Fill a pincushion with steel wool. Not only will your needles stay in one place, but it will also help sharpen them.
  • Use hairspray to get the tip of your thread to stay straight.
  • When needle felting, a 90° angle gives depth of felt for firmness while narrower angles are for smoothing the fibers.
  • Get rid of ribbon creases by simply running the wrinkled ribbon across a hot light bulb to make it wrinkle-free and ready to use.
  • Before cutting corks boil them in water for around 10 minutes. This will stop them from crumpling or cracking when you cut or carve into them.
  • Clean felt that has stray fibers on it with a piece of clear packing tape or lint roller.
  • Making a wreath with a foam form? Slice the foam in half from top to bottom so that the wreath will hang flat against the door, but now you can make two!
  • Use cookie cutters to trace out the perfect felt ornament shapes for your felt Christmas tree.
  • If you have a place with glitter that you can't easily clean, use a lint roller to get it up.
  • Put a glue cap on acrylic paint bottles to draw thin lines or write with.

Household and Décor

  • Stick small felt pads to the bottom of your kitchen appliances so that they can slide across your countertops with ease.
  • 100% Wool Dryer Balls help your dryer run more efficiently.
  • Keep your outdoor felt décor from falling off your home! Place a couple of drops of hot glue on the back of your felt décor and then stick a rolled up piece of duct tape to the hot glue.


  • Use old 100% Wool Dryer Balls as garden mulch! Wool retains water and will biodegrade over time.
  • Throw your old 100% Wool Dryer Balls in the garden! Wool can hold water, increases oxygen in the soil, acts as a slow release fertilizer, and repels slugs and snails.
  • Our Watering Mats are made of non-woven  polyester fibers that will lock in moisture and slowly release it when the soil for your plants start to dry.


  • Install impact and abrasion resistant Kevlar Skid Plates on the bow and stern to extend the life of your canoe.

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