Easter-Themed Egg Cozies {Template}

Bring some extra-cute cheer to your Easter breakfast this year with our Easter-Themed Egg Cozies! They look cute, are easy to make, and are useful in keeping your eggs warm while you finish getting ready for breakfast.
If you were like me, you're asking "what is an egg cozy?" Well, It's basically a "hat" or cover for a boiled egg to keep it warm. You may have also heard them called egg warmers or even just egg hats.
So, whether you call them boiled eggs or dippy eggs, eat them with toast soldiers or just plain toast, these egg cozies are just for you!
What You'll Need:
  • Craft Felt
  • Fabric scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Embroidery floss and needle
  • Small white pom-pom ball (optional)

Egg cozies measure approximately 4.3" wide,and 3.8" from top to bottom (excluding bunny ears and chick hair).

Here is the complete template for the Easter-Themed Egg Cozies.

1. Print out the Easter Theme Egg Cozies Template and cut out the shapes using the scissors. Trace the shapes onto the craft felt sheets in the colors you prefer (using chalk or a marker) and cut them out using the fabric scissors .

2. Once all the pieces are cut out of the felt, sew the inner ear pieces to the ear shape pieces for both the bunny and the lamb using some of the embroidery floss and the needle.

3. Take the bunny and lamb ears and sew the bottom edges into a crinkle to make a more 3D ear shape. Also do this for the wings of the chick.

4. Take one of the egg cozy pieces and sew or glue on your facial features. For this step, you’ll need to refer to the template for the facial features for each cozy. You can either use the leftover felt to cut the shapes and glue them on, or you can stitch the features on using a satin stitch. Here is a tutorial by Sublime Stitching for ‘How-To: Satin Stitch’.

5. Next sew on the ears for the bunny and the lamb, and the wings for the chick, to the inner side of the other cozy piece where marked. For this step, refer back to the template to see where they should be sewn. The ears and wings should end up between each cozy piece.

6. Using the straight pins, pin the front and back of each cozy together and stitch both front and back of each shape together with the embroidery floss and needle, to make a completed shape. We also sewed the bottom for a finished look.

This craft is perfect for adding that extra flare to your Easter brunch with family or simply having your kids waking up to cute cozies on top of their eggs. Once they are finished, you can send them off to play with their new puppets.

Did you create your own? We would love to see. Tag The Felt Store on social media and/or use the hashtag #thefeltstore to show us your creation!

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