DIY Felt Trivet- Oak

Present your host with this felt trivet or the set of three, a definitive way to make sure you invited back next year ;)



1. Use the leaf pattern to cut the shape of the oak leaf onto the burgundy felt.

2. Pin vein pattern on the left side and cut. Flip it over and pin it to the right side and cut. You should be left with something like this the image below.

3. Now take 2 piece of brown felt and place it together. Pin your outlined oak leaf onto the brown felt and trim widely around edges. You'll eventually cut it down closer to the edges (but this will happen after stitching is complete).

4. Start stitching veins first following the natural edges and using a simple straight stitch.

5. Once you've stitched the entire burgundy leaf shape, trim the brown felt down nicely down to the tan edges.

6. Blanket stitch the outside edges of the two tan color felts together.

Missed the Maple Leaf & Beech Felt trivet tutorial? Learn to make all three felt trivet to complete the set! Click on the images below!

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