All products are first come first serve. No holds. All sales are final.
US orders containing remnants will ship out the Thursday or Friday of the following week.









Thank you for shopping The Felt Store's Once-A-Year Felt Remnant Sale. See you again next year!

Annual Felt Remnant Sale

Please note that this years sale will be online only. All products will be live Friday, June 2 at 9:00 AM EST. Sale will be running until Monday, June 5 at 5:00 PM EST. There will be no additional products or remnants added during the duration of the sale. When purchasing our felt remnants, please be aware that color variation and impurities may occur as they are end of roll pieces. There may also be some wrinkles present, but you can easily iron them out. All products are first come first serve. No holds. All sales are final. U.S. orders containing remnants will ship out the Thursday or Friday of the following week.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Once-a-year during the first weekend in June. This year, we're changing things up a bit and will no longer be holding a Felt Remnant Sale in November over BFCM (Black Friday, Cyber Monday). This is so we can build up a wider selection of felt material and colors for you to choose from. But fear not! Subscribe to our newsletter and stay on top of our socials to be the first to know about any โ€œFlash Sale" events held later this year!

    There will be a large selection of thick 100% Wool Designer Felt, with additional discounts on finished items. You can expect to shop clearance pricing on home goods, seasonal products, and additional savings on discontinued material. SAE Industrial Felt and thinner craft felts โ€“ like Premium Wool Blend and Rayon/Viscose remnants โ€“ will only be available in Canada. All items are first-come, first-serve. No holds. All sales are final.

    No. All sale items are FINAL SALE and will not be eligible for a return.

    The remnant sale primarily focuses on thick 100% Wool Designer Felt. No synthetic felts. Since 100% wool is a high-end felt material, we do not let any of it go to waste! If there is not enough off-the-roll material to fulfill an order, the remnants are then put aside for our next Once-A-Year Felt Remnant Sale, giving this top-quality material a second life and you an unbeatable deal!

    Yes, we offer blended felt remnants in Canada, but unfortunately, we do not have any available in the US right now. We understand that it can be disappointing to hear that we are unable to offer craft felt remnants in the US at this time. However, we're constantly working to improve our stock and selection for our US customers, and we're excited to offer discounted prices on our Rayon/Viscose craft felt and wool blended sheets for both our US and Canadian customers. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and hope to have more options available in the future. For more information, check out our past Facebook events at @TheFeltStore.

    You will find a minimum measurement of 12 inches within our remnant stock, with an average of 24 inches and up! Sizes will vary as they are end-of-roll and off-cut pieces. Any smaller 100% Wool Designer Felt remnant pieces will be included in our scrap bags. Felt remnants will be marked at clearance pricing โ€“ so you can expect the majority of our 100% Wool Designer Felt remnants to be priced under $18 a roll!

    Yes! The thick 100% Wool Designer Felt remnants will range between 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm thicknesses. 100% Wool Designer Felt Scrap Bags will also be available which contain a variety of colors and thicknesses.

    3mm thick 100% Wool Designer Felt or F7 SAE Industrial Felt are the best options for most bags and purses. If you'll be carrying heavier items, like books, then the 100% Wool Designer Felt in a 5mm thickness or F3 grade SAE Industrial Felt would be best.

    Unfortunately not. All inventory is available for purchase up until the point of payment. This is to ensure everyone gets a fair shot at remnants and helps us avoid someone filling their cart and accidentally forgetting about it โ€“ meaning those remnants become unavailable to anyone else.

    Yes! Once you have placed your orders, simply reach out to us via phone or email and let us know you would like your orders shipped together if possible! If the updated total shipping cost is different from the original shipping costs summed up, we'll adjust and refund accordingly.

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to this versatile material! Hereโ€™s just to name a few:

    • Acoustics - sound studios, theaters
    • Interior Design - upholstery, rugs, lighting
    • Fashion - scarves, hats, bags
    • Displays - window/showcase, drawers
    • Installation - murals, wall coverings
    • Set Design - backdrops, drapery, props