Tablescaping for American Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone!

As always I hope you're all having a fantastic Friday! So as usual I've been perusing through the internet to find interesting trends, what's unique things are being made with felt/burlap/cork and it seems everyone is in fast forward mode to the Holidays. Here I am like "but, but it's only really the 1st week of November! We haven't even had American Thanksgiving. Where did all the turkey decorations & ideas go!? Did the turkey not get to cross the road!? Did Santa like eat this turkey up  and was like muahahaha Christmas came early this time!" 

I know a lot of eCommerce and guru's had predicted this to happen; I guess I shouldn't be that surprised that people have started holiday shopping and sharing their decorating ideas early, but can we at least let the 2nd week of the month pass! At least. 

So I'm going to make a stand and today's post will be how you can use Felt, Burlap, and Cork to get ready for what seems to be a "disappearing", "invisible" Thanksgiving dinner! We had tons of fun on the set of this photo shoot and yes the benefits of it was we got to eat the food once we were done! So for the few people out there who are thinking on how to decorate the home for turkey day here are some tablescaping ideas and over all decorating ideas for the home!

All these products and materials showcased can be found at on our online store. Are you a DIY-er? Need help finding the right product? Contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

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