Holi-DIY Felt Snowman Pennant {Template}

Do you want to make a Felt Snowman Pennant with me?

This is Lorrie Everitt from @makeandmerryco, and I am excited to share with you this sweet Snowman Pennant that I designed using The Felt Store’s Premium Wool Blend Craft Felt.

I made the felt pennant to use as part of my Christmas décor, but it is one of those holiday decorations that could be left on display all winter long. My secret for creating the intricate lettering and snowman details for this holiday DIY project is that I use a Cricut Maker to cut almost all of the felt pieces.

I hope that you will want to make my Felt Snowman Pennant after reading the DIY instructions, so I have included a free download for my SVG file in this post. Please note that the SVG file is for personal use only.

Let’s gather our supplies and tools:
  • Premium Wool Blend Craft Felt in the following colors:
    • White
    • Burgundy
    • Sky Blue
    • Orange
    • Mint
    • Navy Blue
    • Black
  • Thread to match the felt colors*
  • Sharp Fabric Scissors
  • Cricut Maker – if you use a Cricut machine, you will also need the Cricut Rotary Blade and Cricut FabricGrip cutting mat
  • Sewing machine
  • 1” grid easy pattern tracing material (Pellon brand shown)
  • Self healing cutting mat
  • Rotary cutting tool and 24” acrylic ruler (Olfa brand shown)
  • Fabric stiffener (Beacon Premium Stiffen Stuff Spray shown)
  • Felt fabric adhesive (E6000 Fabric Fuse shown)
  • Snowman SVG Template (Cricut Maker)
  • Snowman PDF Template
It’s also nice to have on hand – a sewing gauge or tape measure, sewing clips and 7/8” black buttons as an option for the snowman eyes.

This project can be made without using a Cricut machine - simply print out the template and use a small pair of precision scissors to cut out the detail pieces.

*Gutermann threads used in the following colors:
  • #652 (Mint Green)
  • #443 (Burgundy)
  • #855 (Orange)
  • #239 (Navy)
  • #20 (White)
  • #10 (Black)
1. I find it helpful to spray my felt on both sides with a fabric stiffener before cutting it on a Cricut Maker. It is not necessary to do this step, but the felt does not leave behind as many fibers on the cutting mat and I do not end up having to replace my cutting mats as quickly.

2. Once you have downloaded the SVG file for the snowman pennant you should be able to upload the artwork to Cricut’s Design Space and plan out your cutting files for each color of felt. If you think that you might want to make more than one of these pennants, you can set your files up to cut multiple pieces at a time.

Note: If this is your first time using a Cricut Maker or Cricut Design Space for cutting felt, I recommend going onto the Cricut website to learn more. I also found it helpful to watch YouTube videos for how to cut felt and fabric when I was learning how to use my Cricut Maker.

3. Cut all the felt pieces for the Snowman Pennant on the Cricut Maker except for the main pennant shape (in Sky Blue) and the 12” x 1” piece (in Navy) that will be added to the top of the pennant.

Bird's eye view of a laptop and Cricut machine, a hand is peeling felt away from a Cricut fabric mat
4. Draw out your pattern for the main pennant shape on a 1” grid pattern making material. The pennant is 12” wide with a 1” deep band at the top. The overall length of the pennant is 23”. You should be able to draw the triangular shape by using the photo above as a guide.

The main shape of the pennant will be cut from the Sky Blue felt using your pattern, a rotary cutter, a 24” acrylic ruler and a self healing cutting mat. You will also use the rotary cutter and acrylic ruler to cut a 12” x 1” piece of Navy Blue felt.

Bird's eye view of tracing paper, tailor's ruler, rotary cutter, and pencil. An upside-down triangle is drawn on the tracing paper.
Bird's Eye view of a tracing paper triangle laid on light blue felt.
5. Once all the felt pattern pieces have been cut out you are ready to start gluing some of the pieces in place. It is like putting together a puzzle and it is best to lay all the pattern pieces in place on the pennant shape before gluing anything down. I recommend starting at the bottom of the pennant with the snowman body and working your way up.

Bird's eye view of felt pennant pattern pieces, fabric glue, sewing clips, and small tailor's slide ruler.
6. Glue the snowman body and head, the first layer of the scarf, the lettering, and the snowflake to the pennant shape. You do not need to use a lot of glue; this step is just to hold the pieces in place while you are sewing. I suggest that you try not to get too much glue on the edges of the felt where you will be sewing.

The two hanging tie pieces are folded in half and will be glued in place so that they are in about 2” from the end on each side. I like to use sewing clips to keep the ties in place while the glue dries.

Bird's eye view of felt pattern pieces glued onto a light blue felt triangle and held in place with sewing clips.
7. After about an hour, you can add the 12” x 1” Navy Blue felt piece to the top of the pennant to conceal the folded ends of the ties.

Bird's eye view of felt pennant under construction. Red lettering spells out 'Let it snow'. A white snowman with a mint green scarf is at the bottom of the pennant. The snowman has no facial features.
Angled view of felt pennant under construction. Red lettering partially out of frame spells out 'Let snow'. A white snowman with a mint scarf is at the bottom of the pennant. There are felt scraps and buttons to the left of the photo.
8. Once all the glue has dried, you will be able to sew the felt pieces in place. Use matching thread colors for each piece of felt. I found it helpful to use the clear presser foot on my sewing machine so that I could easily see the edges of the felt while I was sewing. You want to use a basic straight stitch and take your time to sewing so that you can make all the curves as smoothly as possible.

A white felt snowman on a light blue felt background going through a sewing machine.
A close up photos of red felt lettering spelling 'Let it snow' and a white snowflake sewn onto a light blue background.
9. Once you have sewn all the felt pieces in place you can glue the second layer of the mint scarf, the orange carrot nose and two black eyes in place. Once again allow the glue to dry and then you can sew them down.

Bird's eye view of a Light Blue felt pennant with red lettering spelling 'Let it snow' and a white snowman with a mint scarf at the bottom. A garland of felt balls and wood beads in neutral colors is laid on pine boughs in the left of the photo.
And that is it! I enjoyed making this pennant so much that I made extras so that I could gift them to my family and friends.

To make the pennants a little more unique, I changed things up such as using seven-eighths inch black buttons for the eyes and adding snowflakes with embroidery floss. Whether you make my original snowman pennant or add embellishment to make it your own, I would love to see your finished projects. Tag @the_felt_store and me at @makeandmerryco so we can all see your Holi-DIY Felt Pennants!

Bird's eye view of a felt pennant on a wooden table. Pine boughs are strewn across the left side of the photo. The pennant is light blue with red lettering spelling 'Let it snow'. A white snowman with a mint scarf sits at the bottom of the pennant. Small white beads have been sewn to the pennant backing.
A close up photo of a light blue felt pennant on a wooden table. The pennant has red lettering spelling 'Let it snow' and a white snowman with a mint scarf sewn to the backing. Small white beads have been sewn to the backing.

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