High Quality Acrylic Felt Scandinavian Star

With only 2 weeks left until the big day, we are rushing around to get everything ready. That includes the one most-time-consuming part most of us dread...wrapping all the presents! Between the wrapping paper that cuts your fingers, the tape that never seems to want to tear, and ribbons that end up either too short or way too long, it can get to be too much. But we have a simple way to make your presents look their absolute best with minimal effort!

No sewing and no gluing, need we say more? Our Scandinavian Star is great way to top a present, or spice up your tree!

What You'll Need:


1. Using one of the colors of High Quality Acrylic Felt Ribbon, measure out a 24-inch length and cut using the scissors. Repeat with your preferred color combination until you have 4 strips (we used 2 strips of red and 2 strips of green). If you are using ribbon that is wider than 1-1/2", measure and cut the strips the same way, but you would only cut 2 strips and each of those strips would be cut in half lengthwise to end up with 4 long strips at half the width.

2. Take each strip and fold them in half. Weave the ends of each strip into the loops of one of the other strips until all 4 strips are woven together. Each strip should be sandwiching the previous one and both ends of each strip should be inside the same loop. Pull all the strips snug so there are no gaps, and it should now hold together on its own.

4. Take one of the strip ends and fold it into a triangular point (like the first 3 images). Then fold the triangular point in half (like in the 4th image). Repeat with all of the strip ends to form 8 triangular points.

5. Using the scissors, cut some of the excess off the end of the folded triangular strip, and tuck the cut end into the ornament to hide it.

6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 with all of the strip ends to form 8 triangular points. It should end up looking like ours below.

This design is easy to adapt with different colors and materials. You can use the Scandinavian Star as a bow for presents, as a tree topper, or as ornaments for your tree. Change the colors for the occasion!


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