Easy DIY Ghost and Candy Corn Door Knob Hanger

Spooky season has officially arrived and, if you're like me, you've already started decorating for the upcoming festivities! We've got an adorably ghostly felted project to help you add a little something extra to your spooktacular décor. Follow the instructions and template below to create your own ghost and candy corn door knob hanger just in time to welcome all the ghouls and goblins.

To begin you will need the following supplies:



  1. I am using a Cricut Maker to cut out my felt pieces, but you could also print the template and attach it to your felt pieces, tracing with your disappearing ink tool and cutting using your fabric scissors. If you are using the latter method to cut your felt, be sure to attach your templates to your felt using pins to avoid slipping while you are tracing and cutting.

    Once your felt pieces are cut, it's time to start bringing them to life. To sew the candy corn together, place one of the gold pieces on top of a triangular white piece, aligning the bottom pieces together so that they are flush. Using a running stitch and some gold thread, attach the top of the gold piece to the white piece. Repeat this process with the orange piece, ensuring, once again, that the pieces are lined up nicely.

    Note: you can find simple tutorials on YouTube for all of the stitches mentioned in this tutorial.
  1. Repeat step 1 with the second set of candy corn pieces which will make up the second half (back) of the candy corn.

  1. Using your disappearing ink tool, add some eyes and a mouth. Using a back-stitch and some black thread, sew along these guides to create the smile and squinty eyes.

    1. Now it's time to stitch both pieces together, but it's important to leave a space at the top of your candy corn (the peak) to insert your macramé cord. Using a blanket stitch, begin sewing the two halves of the candy corn together. Tie a knot in the end of your macramé cord and insert it at the peak of your candy corn, stitching through it to secure it in place. The knot at the end of the macramé cord serves as an anchor. Fill your candy corn with fibre fill (to your desired plushness) and stuff using your chopstick or alternative stuffing tool. Close the stitch and tie your thread several times to ensure a firm hold.

  1. If desired, add a tiny bit of blush to the “cheeks” of your candy corn (as pictured) using a Q-tip.
  1. Now it's time to work on the ghost. Repeat step 3 to add a face to your ghost. Then, follow the instructions laid out in step 4, but simply use the other end of the macramé cord at the top of the ghost's head. Don't forget to tie this end of the cord in a knot as well. Add some blush to your ghost's cheeks, hang it over a door handle and voilà! You've got the cutest and spookiest handmade door knob hanger this side of Salem.

Did you try this fun little project? If so, be sure to snap a photo, share on social media, and tag @the_felt_store and @the.felted.fawn. Happy crafting!

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    I am looking for a felt stitching ruler ,

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