Woven Heart Tutorial

Canadian winters aren’t all that pleasant - for the indoor types - so I think we look forward to any kind of celebration that happens during that time!

February Valentine’s Day is perfectly smack dab in the middle of the shortest month, making the time pass more pleasantly with this Holiday celebration. Here is a fun way to pass on some love with a unique spin on the popular Danish woven heart ornament.

This makes a perfect crafty gift year-round, not just in February.


There are so many fabulous felt colours to choose from, so I thought it might be fun to do a few alternating ones.

I also wanted to see how the 3mm felt performed for the same project.

The Pattern

With the thinner felt I used the smaller, 3-tine heart pattern and I used the larger 4-tine heart for the thicker felt.

You can create the hearts in any size you like, just make the pattern larger or smaller on a copier.

I used chalk to trace out the heart on the darker fabric and a sharp 2B pencil for the lighter felt colours.

Take care when cutting out the pieces of the heart, you want the tines to be as straight as possible.

The pattern can be adjusted to be larger or smaller, depending on the size of the heart you want to make.

Searching on Pinterest under “woven heart” will garner other pattern options to challenge you.

The pattern piece for the 3-tine heart used was approximately 18 cm/7 inches. The pattern piece for the 4-tine heart used was approximately 26 cm/10.5 inches.



The weaving can be tricky, but you can use pins, clips or chopsticks to keep your pieces in place. Add a ribbon if you want to hang the heart.

Once you are happy with the weave, choose an option to keep it together.

You can glue the woven sides together using hot glue or a strong bond like E6000 or rubber cement.

I chose a variety of options to sew it together.

On the red/cream heart, I used a bright red cotton floss and blanket stitched the edges of red felt.

On the coral/cream heart I used a running stitch in pink along the bands and a pink bead accent on the corners.

For the third heart in coral/red I stitched pink glass beads along the coral bands and a shiny red glass bead on the red ones.

I used a variety of 1 cm ribbon colours for this project. I cut mine around 14 cm long, then attached one edge to each side of the heart in the centre.

For the red/coral heart, I used two colours and crisscrossed them from the top of the heart.

The thickness of the 3mm felt was an interesting challenge to work on. It required a lot of manhandling to weave it and I used chopsticks to keep it in place as I sewed (which worked better tan pins in this instance).

I added a half inch strip, half and half the heart colours to turn it into a lovely little pillow.

I grow lavender in my garden, so I mixed in some dried flower heads to the inside stuffing for a lovely relaxing smell.

I think the thicker 3 mm felt works better for larger projects and it would be interesting to see what I can create with my new knowledge.

I think you could create some interesting weaves using 100% wool felt and all the pattern options I discovered up on Pinterest.

I hope you have a lovely Valentines Day ♥

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