Week 1: Felt Ornaments - Animals {Template}

Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys and our first week of DIY felt ornaments for your Felt Advent Calendar. These ornaments are easy to make yourself while still adding life and character to your tree. Plus, kids will love these! Feel free to use our detailed PDF template or create your own simplified versions.

Materials Used:

  • Premium Wool Blend Craft Felt
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Fabric Marker
  • Fabric and/or Precision Scissors
  • Fabric Glue
  • Small Black Beads
  • Stuffing
  • PDF Template


1. Download and print the PDF template (optional) and cut out your stencils.

2. Using your stencils and a fabric marker, trace out your template onto the corresponding felt colors and cut the shapes out using fabric or precision scissors.

3. Using your fabric glue, layer and glue the pieces together following your template. Set aside for the glue to dry.

4. Once your glue is dry, grab your animal pieces and a sheet of felt for the background – we used white felt for the ornaments to pop. Place one of your animals onto the felt sheet, and with your fabric marker, trace out a rough background shape that is slightly bigger than your animal. You will need two of these pieces. Continue this step for the rest of your ornaments.

5. Before we glue the animal pieces onto the backgrounds, feel free to add any additional details. For example, we sewed on small black beads for the eyes and created facial features using black embroidery floss for some of the animals.

6. Using your fabric glue, layer and glue the animal piece onto one of your background pieces. Set aside for the glue to dry. Continue this step for the rest of your ornaments.

7. Once the glue is dried, grab your duplicate background piece and blanket stitch your pieces together. We used embroidery floss in colors that match our animals to give the pieces more pop and contrast.

8. When you are close to fully stitching your ornament all around, grab bits of your stuffing and stuff the ornaments. This will give them more dimension and make them nicer to handle.

9. Complete your blanket stitch and you’re done!

Since we have made these for our Felt Advent Calendar, we also attached the other half (softer side) of the Hook and Loop/Velcro coin to the back side of our animals.

We invite you to share your thoughts on this process, questions, comments or tips and tricks. Don’t forget to show off your creations by tagging us on social media. We love seeing what our customers come up with.

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