Felt Holiday Wreath Tutorial

We're super excited about this project! Not just because we crafted it but because it`s our first holiday DIY for this year. It seems we're not the only ones who are thinking ahead, everyone is on the holiday wagon. Anyway without further a due the tutorial to create your own version or to be inspired by ours. You can also find our tutorial as part of this year Crafty Christmas link party and other awesome craft ideas!


*P.S. We realized after that if you cover the cardboard with red felt it would give it a more finished look. 

1. Taking a Cardboard sheet cut out a 12" Diameter Circle, the inner circle we cut was 8 1/2" diameter but it's completely up to you

2. Next take a piece of the Red Acrylic Craft Felt and cut it in half vertically and do the same for a White Acrylic Craft Felt piece.

3. Place the Red Felt on top of the White Felt as seen below. To ensure the red stays in the middle when folding the piece, align the corners together.

4. Now fold the left side first so that it comes to the middle and then fold over & take the right side and wrap it around the right side so you have something similar.. These will be your large "cones"

5. Glue the wrapped corner to the felt. Cut to desired length, we cut it half way so that it was 6" long. 

Repeat this process, we needed about 16 pieces to cover the outer diameter of the circle.

6. For the small cones take a piece of Red Felt & cut it into 4 pieces, do the same for the White Felt. Again over lap the red felt onto the white felt.

7) Again, take the right side and fold over to the middle and again take the right side over to the left to create the cone.

 8. Glue the wrapped corner to the felt. Cut to desired length, we cut it half way so that it was 3 1/2" long.

Repeat this process, we needed about 15 pieces to cover the inner diameter of the circle. 

9. Once you have all your pieces ready, it's time to glue the felt cones! Turn the cone around and have a strip of glue at the bottom and hold it in place on the outer corner. Repeat the process until your entire outer diameter is covered. Then start with the small pieces and glue to the inner corner.

You should start to see your wreath form as seen below.


Once all the felt cones are glued you'll be left with something that looks like what you see below. Now you can leave it as is and just glue ribbon at the back to hang or you can add a little bird in the middle.

If you want to add Bird below, these are the steps:

1. Draw up a template for the bird ours was about 2" height & a separate template for the wings.

2. Trace two birds using the template on the white felt and 1 bird on the hunter green felt.

3. Trace out two white wings and two hunter green wings to have total of 4 wings. 

4. layer the bird shape white felt, hunter green felt, & white felt. Glue the layers together. Then layer one white felt wing with a hunter green felt wing underneath place them as you like and glue to the body. Repeat for the other side.

5. Now take a white thread cut to desired length so that it is hanging in the middle of the wreath. Glue the thread to the bird and the other end to the back of the wreath. 

Your final wreath should look like this!

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