Felt Candy Cane Wreath

We're big fans of holly wreaths! But so are the local birds who can't seem to tell apart the plastic berries from the real deal. Rather than confuse another generation of hungry birds, we decided it was time to switch things up. With some odds and ends on hand, we fashioned our own beautiful felt wreath that features a candy cane stripe pattern, burlap bows, and (of course) felt holly.

You can easily replicate this design, or create your own for any time of the year with your favorite colors. The leftover felt ribbon can be used as ribbon to wrap presents, or re-purposed into bow toppers for your gifts. As with some our other Christmas crafts this season, there is no sewing required. Just grab your hot glue gun and jump right in!

What You'll Need:


1. Take one color of the High Quality Acrylic Felt Ribbon and wrap a strip around the Styrofoam wreath to determine the length of the strips you would need. Our strips needed to be about 7 inches long.

2. Cut strips from each of the 3 colors of High Quality Acrylic Felt Ribbon. We used approximately 20 strips of each color.

3. Starting at any spot on the Styrofoam wreath, take a strip of your first color (we started with red) and wrap it around the wreath. Glue it to the back of the wreath using the hot glue gun. Take a strip of your second color (we used green) and wrap it around the wreath, overlapping the red half. Glue it to the back of the wreath using the hot glue gun. Repeat with the third color, and then again for all the strips in the same color pattern until the wreath is completely covered.

4. To make the burlap bow for the wreath, cut 3 strips of the Burlap Ribbon into 13-inch lengths and 1 strip into a 6.5-inch length.
Optional: We finished the edges of the Burlap Ribbon strips by sewing them to prevent them from fraying.

5. Take 1 of the 13-inch Burlap Ribbon strips and fold the ends into the center to form a loop. Glue down the ends with the hot glue gun. Repeat with the other 2 13-inch strips.

6. Using the hot glue gun, glue the 3 loops on top of each other in a star pattern.

7. Take the 6.5-inch long Burlap Ribbon strip and scrunch the middle to create a bow shape. Glue the scrunched area together with the hot glue gun to keep it from coming apart, then glue it to the burlap star. From the red and green High Quality Acrylic Felt Ribbon, cut out 3 holly berries and 2 holly leaves. Glue to the center of the burlap bow.

8. Glue the bow to the starting/ending point of the wreath to cover it up.

9. If you do not have a wreath hook, simply glue the string/ribbon around the wreath at the top to create a hanging loop. This step is optional and not necessary but may help to keep the wreath straight.

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