Feature of the Week: Lumpy Buttons

This week we feature Esther the creator, maker, and designer behind Lumpy Buttons. Her Etsy shop is a beautiful mix of quirky, fun, goofy, geeky and adorable handmade felt items. And we were so excited to find out that The Felt Store is her little secret when it comes to getting her hands on beautiful color felt.

Esther started making pins for herself, it was a way to add some color and flare to her winter coat during the cold months in Buffalo that lasts far longer then it should. (Trust me I know, with The Felt Store HQ just across the boarder in Canada). Little did she know that a year later she would be the owner of an Etsy shop and making not only pins but plushies to ornaments, and custom work for others. Sewing came naturally to her, a skill that her mother passed on to her while she was growing up, making handmade gifts for family and friends during the holidays season, it's no wonder her hand sewing skills are fantastic and she has the patience and focus to grow Lumpy Buttons.

To just give you an idea it takes up to 3 hours to finish an embroidered pin. I don't know about you, but it makes one appreciate all the effort that goes into handmade items and why they truly are one-of-a-kind! Below are a few amazing plushies that our felt was used to create!

Head on over and check out her Etsy Shop - a great place to start the holiday shopping! 😉

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Make sure to stay connected for a DIY featuring Lumpy Buttons - she was nice enough to make for all of you! We'll be posting a full tutorial on how to make beautiful felt leaf trivets- including a free pattern and step by step instructions!

Here is a sneak peak of what's to come:

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