Feature of the Week: Felt Entryway Bench by designer Marc Weersink

OCAD fourth year student Marc Weersink was recently at an event at the university where The Felt Store was asked to do a short talk on the topic of felt. It is where our team met Marc Weersink. Marc has used our industrial felt in the past for a project  and was very willing to talk about his experience with Industrial Felt and gave us insight on his design concept called "Trinity Entryway Bench". Below is a very short and brief interview I had with him corresponding via email. 

Why did you decide to use felt as part of your project?
I decided to use felt primarily for its aesthetic and sustainable properties that compliment the concept of this project. Its colour and slim profile gave me the opportunity to add comfort to the seat without adding a bulky upholstered cushion.

Can you explain a little bit about your project?
The Trinity entryway bench provides a simple yet elegant storage solution in small spaces for you and your guest’s jackets, bags, and shoes. The coat rack is removable and telescopes into the rear leg for easier and cost effective transportation and the 90° helix of the coat rack gives personality and function. Each branch is rotated 45° from the last to allow each item being hung its own space with nothing resting over top of the other. White ash tenons soften the powder coated steel frame with a sheet of industrial felt adhered for comfort without adding any bulk to the Baltic birch seat.

In 3 words how would you describe your experience with the materiel?
Pleasant, Quality, Versatile.

Head over to see more of Marc's design work on his website or head over to Instagram and emerge yourself into his world:

Website: marcweersink.com
Instagram: marcweersink

We are always looking to feature our amazing customers and their equally amazing projects or crafts to our community! It's wonderful to see how people work with the textile differently. Plus it's so easy to be featured like Marc! Email us at salesinfo@thefeltstore.com or use the hashtag #thefeltstore on Facebook or Instagram.

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