Feature: KIP Felt Chair Project

KIP Project
Hilary Leehan, Joanna Lok, Connor Mcleod, & Ervin Yalung

Project Type: Chair Design
Date: January-May 2016
Affiliated Institution: Humber College North
Material Used: F-7 Industrial Felt, 1/4" thick

In collaboration with Greenwood College School, Humber College student of industrial design worked in teams to design a chair or furniture system to fit into the newly renovated area. Through interviews with the current students and a walk through of the existing facility, each team utilizes anthropocentric data to conceptualize and build a chair. KIP is a lounge chair with the focus on providing privacy without isolation. It exists in learning common areas, spaces with abundance of natural lighting and applicable for communal use. The use of natural materials to create a slight barrier from disruptions, along with a large cushion provides comfort, privacy, and support for the user. 

Why did you decide to use felt as a material?
Felt provided rigidity but flexibility to the chair. It's ability to be manipulated and form to the user sitting in it and provide a slight barrier from external disruptions was key feature of Kip.

What was your thought process while actually working with the material?
The thought process while working with the felt for the upholstery of Kip was to make a flat pattern out of paper, cut out the felt, and then sew it by hand to create the pockets on the back. We hand punched through two layers of felt sewed it together.

What were your objectives and goals for this project?
The objective of the project is to create chair for Greenwood College School students that would fit into the expanded area. Kip was designed to be a lounge chair that provides space for individuals without isolating them. The natural materials chosen reflect the school's theme of the outdoors.

What was your inspiration for the project?
Hush by Freyja Sewell.

Explain your felt experience in three words.
Challenging, robust, encompassing.

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