DIY Crate Shelving with Felt Backing

Here at headquarters, we have been doing some spring cleaning. We thought we would use this opportunity to also revamp our office.

First on the list was our kitchen/lunch room. We were looking for a way to get more storage space that would be creative and easy to do - so obviously we went straight to Pinterest!

There were so many ideas! We came across wooden crate shelving which seem to be very popular these days and it sparked an idea. We went straight to the drawing board and started mapping out designs that would compliment our GIANT bright orange accent wall. We decided to compliment traditional crate shelving with our designer felt to create an extra pop of color while also adding some acoustic properties to the kitchen. Today, we will be sharing with you the process of creating your very own wooden crate wall shelving with felt backing. The felt backing is super easy to swap out for another color which allows you to change your space to match the season or décor.

Materials Used for Crate Installation:

Materials Used for Felt Backing:


1. Measure out your space, especially if you would like your shelving in the center of your wall. We used our measuring tape to get measurements and our stud finder to locate our studs and the spacing between each - Then went to the drawing board and drew up our design.

2. Once you have your crate layout draw out on a piece of paper or design program (we love google sketch up!) start mapping it out on your wall. We used our leveler to make sure everything was going to be straight and made sure our studs were marked.

3. Grab your first crate, line it up with your markings and the studs, and make sure it is level.

4. Use your screws to drill your crate to the wall. Test the stability by adding some weight to the crate.

Felt Backing:

1. Measure the inside of your crates and mark the measurements on your card stock.

2. Using your utility knife, score alone your markings. Before continuing to the next step, make sure your card stock fits snug into your crate.

3. Grab your felt and your choice of adhesive. We still had some film adhesive leftover from a previous project. But would recommend using 3M Spray Adhesive to apply to the felt. Place a flat heavy object on-top to enforce the binding process. We also have a video...

4. Once your adhesive is dried and secure cut the felt down to size and place your felt backing inside your crate shelving.

And that’s it! Stock your shelving with whatever you want. The felt backing adds a pop of color while also hiding all our screws. Adhering your felt on the card stock makes it easy to swap out colors. Enjoy ,and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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