DIY Felt Heart-Shaped Earmuffs {Template}

A profile shot of a person with a long, blonde, high pony-tail in a pink coat and white scarf on a red background. They are wearing a red and white heart shaped earmuff.

Are you searching for something cozy and cute to keep you and your loved ones looking super sweet this February? Don't want Jack Frost nipping at your ears? Look no further! This DIY Felt Heart-Shaped Earmuff tutorial is simple to follow and can be personalized in any way you'd like. This style of earmuff does not utilize headbands, so no need to worry about aches from it being too-tight!

Wool felt is the perfect material for earmuffs – it keeps the heat in and protects your ears from the cold winter air. Plus, wool is naturally water resistant so melting snow will not soak into the fabric.

Materials Used: Optional Materials:
  • Computerized cutting machine, i.e. Cricut Maker
  • 4mm white round pearl beads
  • 1cm wide gathered lace
  • Ribbon
  • Faux fur
  1. Download our PDF Earmuff Pattern Templates. You can print the PDF template on regular printer paper and cut it out with scissors, or you can download the SVG files for the Cricut Maker.
  1. Trace and cut out the felt pieces for the earmuffs. You should have four (4) hearts and two (2) ear curves. Plus any extra felt decoration pieces you would like to add to your earmuffs.
Flat lay of cut out pieces
  1. Sew the ear cuff and one layer of the earmuff base together using a blanket stitch. Make sure to sew one left and one right earmuff and not two of the same.

    Check to see if the earmuff fits comfortably on your ears – you can always trim the ear cuff piece to the desired size.
Ear cuff piece and base piece stitched together
  1. Measure out the ribbon or elastic you want to connect the two earmuffs to. The connecting ribbon or elastic should sit comfortably around your neck – no need to make it hug your head.

    At the bottom point of the hearts, slip your ribbon or elastic in between the first and second layer. For added strength you can add a little drop of fabric glue to the ribbon or elastic.
ribbon laying between two base layers
  1. Before you sewing the layers together, let’s decorate your earmuff! For the left side we used a smaller heart surrounded by white pearl beads, matching our Heart Shaped Earrings. On the right, we used white thread to surround the smaller heart with added french knots.
Red heart with smaller white heart and white stitching
Red Heart with white faux pearl beading around a smaller white heart
  1. Stitch the two base layers together making sure to sandwich the ribbon or elastic in between, connecting the left and right earmuffs.
Two red and white felt hearts attached by a red and white ribbon

And you are finished! Head outside to enjoy your cute and cozy Felt Earmuffs, or wrap them up for that special someone. There are so many ways to decorate this pattern and make it truly your own – we cannot wait to see what you come up with! Make sure to share pictures of your amazing creations and tag us at @the_felt_store.

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