DIY Tooth Fairy Pocket

If you have a child in your life who is entering first grade this Fall, they are probably also anticipating their very first visit from the tooth fairy – a classic childhood rite of passage! Children typically start to lose their first baby teeth around age 6 and continue to lose them until age 12. Losing a tooth is an exciting occasion when you know you will be visited by a benevolent, generous fairy while you're fast asleep! But, it's important to keep those teeth safely stowed until she arrives. A DIY felt tooth fairy pocket is just what you need to store lost teeth (and treasures). Follow the instructions below to create your own pocket, just the right size for teeth and toonies!

To begin you will need the following supplies
  • Acrylic Craft Felt
  • Black, gold, pink, and white sewing thread
  • Sewing needles
  • Fiber fill stuffing
  • A disappearing ink tool
  • Stuffing tool, such as a chopstick
  • Some make-up blush (optional)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Safety eyes and washers (available at most craft stores or online)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • The template (pictured below) – to be used with a Cricut Machine or to be cut out by hand

  1. I am using a Cricut Maker to cut out my felt pieces, but you could also print the template and attach it to your felt pieces, tracing with your disappearing ink tool and cutting using your fabric scissors. If you are using the latter method to cut your felt, be sure to attach your templates to your felt using pins to avoid slipping while you are tracing and cutting.

    Once all of your pieces are cut using the method of your choosing, it's time to start sewing your tooth fairy pocket together.

    Note: you can find simple tutorials on YouTube for all of the stitches mentioned in this tutorial.

  1. Using one of your two white tooth pieces, mark out where you want your eyes and facial features to go, using your disappearing ink tool. Use scissors or a sharp tool to create holes in the felt where the safety eyes will be inserted. Insert each safety eye and attach a washer to the back. Using some black thread and a back-stitch, stitch on the smiling mouth. Add two straight stitches above the safety eyes as eyebrows. Always be sure to tie off any lose ends.
  1. Using white thread, attach the U-shaped pocket piece to the back of the other white tooth piece (i.e. the piece without the facial features) with a running stitch. Once this is attached, line up each tooth piece (with facial features and pocket facing outwards) and sew together using a blanket stitch. I start my blanket stitch at the top of the tooth (the crown) as it's much easier to stuff the thinner roots of the tooth with fiber fill by stuffing from the top. Leave an opening at the crown of the tooth for stuffing.

  1. Grab your fiber fill stuffing and chopstick and stuff the tooth until it's as plush as you desire. The chopstick will help you get into the various nooks and crannies of the tooth (such as the roots). Once you're satisfied with how plush your tooth is, close it up by continuing your blanket stitch and tying it off at the end.
  1. Next you will grab the two sets of wings. I chose Acrylic Shocking Pink craft felt for my color. Stitch these together using a blanket stitch and your pink sewing thread. Stuffing the wings is not necessary, so simply stitch all the way around the edges and tie off at the end.

  1. Heat up your hot glue gun and apply a small amount of hot glue to the center of the wings. Moving quickly, press this area into the center of the pocket on the back of the tooth. Hold for about 15 seconds. Add a few more dabs of hot glue to either side of the wings and press them to the back of the tooth. This will ensure that the wings are secure.

  1. Grab your gold crown and add a thin line of hot glue to the straight edge. Once again, acting quickly, press the crown onto the top of the tooth, just above the opening of the pocket and the wings.
  2. If you choose to, you can add some blush to your tooth's cheeks using a Q-tip or a small make-up brush. I always like to include this detail as I feel it adds a little extra character and dimension to my felted creations, but it is up to you and your personal preference!

Your tooth fairy pocket is now complete! Use the tiny pocket on the back to hold lost teeth for the tooth fairy to collect. Place it on your child's bedside table and wait to see what she leaves in its place!

Did you try this adorable project for your little one or a beloved child in your life? We'd love to see your rendition! Share on social media and be sure to tag @the.felted.fawn and @the_felt_store. Happy crafting!

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