DIY Sunflower Halloween Costume Headpiece {Template}

Are you missing the sun during these cloudy autumn months? Come join us in our crafting garden and see what we’ve planted! Bring a little sunshine into your Halloween closet with this step-by-step tutorial for our bright and cheery sunflower headpiece.

Follow along and watch your DIY costume garden grow!

Materials Used:

Note: Below is a list of sizes included in the PDF Template file. Check our size guide to find your perfect fit.

  • Adult
  • Children aged 7-12
  • Children aged 5-7


1. Download the PDF template, then print and cut out your stencils for the sunflower.

2. Take the felt you will be using for the center of your sunflower and fold it in half, top edge to bottom edge. Then fold it in half again from left edge to right edge.

3. Place your sunflower 1/4 circle stencil on the folded piece of felt, lining up the edges to the folded sides of the felt. Trace out the sunflower stencil with a fabric marker and cut with fabric scissors. You will need two sunflower centers for this project. While you are at it, grab your corresponding sunflower petal felt colors and trace out the petal stencil with your fabric marker and cut with fabric scissors. We use 20 petals in this tutorial but it is up to you on how many petals you would like to add.

4. Prepare the sunflower petals by pleating the bottom edges to get a 3D petal effect, and secure the folds by sewing them down with your sewing machine. We sewed the petals on a single thread and then cut them individually.

5. Now take one of your center sunflower pieces and sew the spiral pattern using your sewing machine. You can also sew straight lines for an easier process.

6. Grab your other sunflower center piece, and sew the elastic bands in place.

For this step, we created a 'T' band so that the weight of the stuffed sunflower will not slide out of place when worn. We recommend aligning the band with your temples so that it rests comfortably on your ears, stopping it from sliding. This step will require some measuring/testing to get the placement just right.

If you would like to make the elastic bands adjustable, you can sew on bra hooks and eyes where you would like the adjustments.

7. On the right side of your sunflower backing (the side with the elastic) sew your sunflower petals along the outside edge. The front of the petals should be facing upwards while the tips of the petals point inwards.

8. Time to add some decoration to the front of your sunflower! We added french knots using our brown thread in the open spaces of the spiral. You can also use beads instead of the french knots.

9. Now we will sew all the pieces together. Flip your decorated front sunflower piece upside down, and lay it over the sunflower petals. Use your clamps or sewing pins to secure the front piece to the back piece, with the right sides together.

  • Layer #1 - Top layer is the decorated sunflower center piece faced down.
  • Layer #2 - Sunflower petals which have been sewn on to the piece with the elastic.
  • Layer #3 - The sunflower center piece with the elastic band sandwiched in.

10. Sew the layers together on the outer edge. Keep an eye on your sunflower petals when sewing so that they do not overlap or become displaced.

11. While the sewn sunflower is still inside out, cut out little triangles around the circle. This step will make it easier to turn the headgear right side out without the seams bunching.

12. Flip your sunflower right side out and sew the inner edge, leaving two openings on opposite ends. Due to the size of the headgear, having two openings at opposite ends will help distribute the stuffing easily.

13. Once you have added all your stuffing inside, hand stitch or machine stitch the opening closed and you're done!

Pair this headpiece with your favorite green top and neutral bottoms for a potted sunflower look. This headpiece is also multi-functional - wear it as a face piece, a hat, or even add it to your pillow garden. Your imagination is the limit! 

We invite you to share your thoughts and works on this process, questions, comments or tips and tricks. Don’t forget to show off your creations with #thefeltstore on social media. We love seeing the creations our customers come up with.

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