DIY Calendar for Kids {Template}

It’s August, and we all know what that means - school is coming up quickly! Start getting your kids on a schedule and get them into the learning/playing mindset by following this super easy DIY soft felt calendar for kids.

This calendar uses the felt covered cork board from our 3-in-1 DIY Quilt Design Wall with Cork blog post, so head over there to check out how you can make the base for this project.

Materials Used:

Our Cork Sheet is 3/4 of an inch thick and covered with White Acrylic Craft Felt. Its fluffy, fleece like texture makes it the ideal material for grabbing and holding on to other pieces of craft felt and fabrics without the need for pins, glue, or staples. We have tested all our felts to see which type will stick and stay up best. From our testing, all of our craft felts have excellent stick and hold capabilities. We chose to use the Premium Wool Blend craft felt for the cut out pieces for it's durability and it also meets the Oeko-Tex standard, making it safe for babies and kids. As a bonus, it comes in lots of vibrant colors!

1. Download on of our templates, find a template set that speaks to you, or create your own. Print and cut out your templates. If you are using the Cricut Maker, upload the SVG files to Design Space and begin laying out your pieces.

We went with a rainbow palette to help brighten up the coming fall months, but you can choose any palette that you and your little crafter prefers.

2. Using your fabric scissors, cut out your headers, numbers, weather icons, and days of the week with the backings.

If using the Cricut Maker, be very gentle or use a tool to assist in removing the felt from the mat. Some areas of the felt will be thin and therefore delicate.

3. For this step, you can either use fabric glue or spray adhesive. We used 3M Super 77 Classic Spray Adhesive to keep our pieces light-weight and reduce the possibility of glue spread.

In a well-ventilated area (preferably outdoors) take your spray adhesive and spray a light coat onto the backing pieces of your headers and weekdays. Place the felt pieces with the knocked-out text onto the backing pieces. It shouldn’t take longer than an hour for the glue to dry.

4. Cut small pieces of your blue embroidery thread for the rain cloud. Adhere the thread onto the back of the rain drops and the corresponding cloud using fabric glue.

For your storm cloud, glue the top edge of the lightning bolt and place the storm cloud on top. Press the pieces together to help the glue bond.

5. Place your pieces onto the board in any arrangement you like, and voila! Your calendar is finished.

This board is easy to rearrange daily, and will help your kids get a sense of weekdays and weather. The soft feel and simple look are great for playful learning – you can always add on more felt figures and objects. Maybe your board will have the seasons and months, or even a to-do list and clock to help teach more complex time management skills.

We invite you to share your thoughts on this process, questions, comments or tips and tricks. Don’t forget to show off your creations by tagging us on social media. We love seeing what our customers come up with.

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