Burlap for Wedding Series Part 3

Welcome to the last edition of our Burlap for Wedding Series! Today I'll be going through a few miscellaneous ways you can use burlap at your wedding, whether it be as an accent or to add to your the rustic/shabby chic themed day! That's actually one of the reasons I love burlap because it can simply be a great accent to your wedding, even if burlap is not part of your big day!

As you have noticed most of the idea's I've shared with you over the past 2 weeks are all DIY projects you can do with your family and bridesmaids help! So it's definitely easy to incorporate what you see below into your wedding even if it is a few weeks away!

Hopefully all these ideas will get you to re think using burlap at your wedding and inspire you or create your own personalized version! We may be focusing on Natural Burlap but you can use colored burlap and create the same ideas to add a pop of color :)

Here is our final list:

Wrap your bouquet or any floral arrangement with a burlap bow to keep everything together. Just by adding a small accent like this can do wonders! Take it a step further and pair the burlap with lace or ribbon to add to the elegance.

Look at the bigger picture and don't just focus on the table decor. If you're having an outdoor wedding and have a lot of flowers or greenery at the venue, have you thought about wrapping the flower pots with burlap! This can add a great natural accent or can be a great alternative to hide those plastic pots and this way you don't have to reach too deep into your wallet to find a nice way to add  flowers or plants into the mix.

We love our burlap bows! (as you can tell) They are so versatile and a great look any where it's added! Such as this idea; adding it to the back of chairs or exclusively to the bride and groom chairs!

For those of you who have been kind enough to follow our blog, you know that earlier this month we had a video tutorial on how to make burlap flowers! Well this is how you can incorporate that same DIY project into your wedding! Add it as table decor on to each guests plate, use them through out your wedding, or use it like we have as a wedding photo prop!

This post wraps up our Burlap Wedding Series! But I would love to know how you plan to incorporate burlap or already have at your special day! Let me know in the comment section below :) and of course any feedback is much appreciated!

All our Burlap Materials can be found here: http://www.thefeltstore.com/collections/burlap

For all of you who have Memorial Day off, hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the long weekend!

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