Burlap for Wedding Series Part 2

I'll start by apologizing that I didn't get a chance to post anything on Wednesday. I was off being sick...so no slacking or gallivanting around, trust me it was not fun. However, I'm here now and excited to show you how you can use Burlap to decorate your tables! So without further ado let's get started, shall we.

Center pieces are usually the focal point of your tables and it really ties in the entire decor into one neat little bow. So if you're going for that natural, rustic, shabby chic look, here is an idea or inspiration on what you could do.

We have a great idea on how you can number your tables and add a treat for your guests all at the same time! Use a small mason jar fill it with chocolates/candies (we chose M&M's) and wrap a burlap tag with the number written on it! How awesome is this idea!?

Add just a hint of burlap to your table by using Burlap Utensil Holders to have a touch of rustic look ;) These will be available on our website soon!!

Lastly adorn the entire table with a burlap runner! But wait, add a little ribbon bow at the end of it so that it brings together the entire table!

P.S. that table runner can also double take as a photo prop for your wedding shoot! Just look at the image below!

The wonderful thing about all these ideas is that they can merely be accents or accessories at your wedding!

We'll end of the series next week with some great miscellaneous DIY ideas on how a little burlap can be added here and there!  :)

All our Burlap Materials can be found Here: http://www.thefeltstore.com/collections/burlap

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