2-in-1 Easter DIY - Curious Easter Bunny Pots and Pom-Pom Bunnies {Template}

Stencils make 2 curious Easter bunny pots and 2 pom-pom bunnies.

If you follow us on our social media pages, I’m sure you have seen our cute little curious Easter bunny pots and our pom-pom bunnies. These are very easy DIY projects and they look A-mazing in the end!

Materials Used:


1. Using our template, cut out your felt in the colors of your choosing. Our stencils are based off our craft felt sample bag pieces. To make the cutting process easier, we recommend taping the templates onto the craft felt squares and cutting out the shapes from there.

2. Using the fabric glue, glue the individual pieces of felt together; inner ear piece to bunny ear, foot pads to bunny feet. Reference our photos for guidance.

Curious Easter Bunny Pots:

1. For the curious Easter bunny pots, grab two of your felt bunny feet, and with your hot glue gun, glue them onto your 1.5” pom-pom. Hold/press for about 30 seconds for a firm stick.

2. Grab your 0.5” pom-pom bunny tail, and hot glue it above your feet.

3. With your green crinkle cut shredded paper, or the stuffing of your choice, fill your 2" clay pot until your curious Easter bunny fits nicely into the pot.

4. Place your curious Easter bunny in the clay pot and fill in the gaps using your green crinkle cut shredded paper.

Pom-pom Bunnies:

1. For the pom-pom bunnies, grab one of your felt bunny ears, and hot glue to the top of your 1” pom-pom. Pinch the bottom of the ear for 30 seconds while the hot glue sets. Repeat for the other ear.

2. Grab your 1.5” pom-pom and hot glue your bunnies head to the body. You can also add a 0.5” pom-pom to the back of the 1.5” pom-pom for the bunny’s tail.

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