Make & Merry Co.

Hi! My name is Lorrie Everitt. I am a Creative Director & Graphic Artist by day and a DIY & Craft Enthusiast in my spare time. Here’s a few random things about me:

Making things is more than a hobby to me, it’s a way of life. I started @makeandmerryco on Instagram in March of 2020 to share my DIY & craft projects and to inspire others to be creative.

I consider myself to be a Modern Renaissance Artist. I enjoy working in many different mediums and I am inspired by both old and new crafting techniques and equipment. Lately, I have been incorporating felt into many of my diy home décor projects because I love the natural qualities and texture of felt and because it’s so easy to work with.

I think that Makers need to be more aware about the materials that we are using and how our choices will affect the environment and our planet. It’s not just about reusing and repurposing materials, it’s also about taking into consideration how and where our supplies are produced and so much more.

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Instagram: @makeandmerryco